Connecting Disciplines<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4353

Connecting Disciplines
Maria Leone
Class 4353

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I like variety, Yoga, Pilates, &  Taekwondo. I like classes that flow. I like when an instructor connects a series of moves with a common stretch, like spiral rotation. I like Crow Pose and Dancer  Pose (floor or standing version).  I don't mind sweating a bit. This class has all that and I loved it.  Thanks again Maria:) 
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Maria, thank you for an amazing week of workouts!! I have always loved the fusion of Pilates and yoga, the addition of martial arts was like icing on the cake.
Helena B
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Beautiful series Maria! Thank you for all of the variations, side body and balance challenges :)
Oh my goodness Maria, this class was amazing !!!! Love, love love !!!!
Great Challenge at the end 👍🇩🇰
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Thank you very much for a great class. And for the whole week! I enjoyed every minute!
Another amazing class! Thank you for giving perfect cues and awesome variety - loved the continuous stretch and lots of challenge ;>))
AMAZING! Loved every second. My body feels worked energized and light at the same time. Thank you!!!
Love it, especially mixing the different disciplines!! Thank you!!
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