Opposition<br>Danica Kalemdaroglu<br>Class 4372

Danica Kalemdaroglu
Class 4372

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Great energy ... 👍🇩🇰
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Incredible way of layering engagement and bringing it back to the purpose of each exercise. Love the cues and energy! Thank you for the fantastic class, Danica!
Danica, your cues were perfect! Finding my center was a helpful reminder when discovering gravity and opposition!
Christina F
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Thank you! Perfect workout for today.
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WOW !! This was FANTASTIC !! Lots of deep work. Thanks Danica, I love your teaching style, energy and cueing :)) Very much looking forward to your next class !
Holly J
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That was fabulous. Thanks, Danica!
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If you are looking for a Beginner/level 1 class, with lots of cues, lots of time in between exercises, and lots of friendly dialogue, this class is for you.  Thanks Danica:) 
Wonderful, each movement so meaningful and solid. It really makes me feel the muscles work and the focus of each moment. 
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Fantastic work out Danica! Excellent series. Thank you!
Monta N Thank you for joining. Glad you enjoyed it!

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