Opposition<br>Danica Kalemdaroglu<br>Class 4372

Danica Kalemdaroglu
Class 4372

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Kathleen Fitzgerald Henry Conquering gravity really is the secret sauce!
Christina F So glad you could make it!
Anne P. Isn't it great to work deep but not super high intensity.
Gary M Thank you! Check out the 5th class Movement Potential if you're looking to rev it up.
Claudia Zannoni You rock my socks! thanks for coming through all the classes!
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Fabulous class. Your teaching is inspiring! Really felt the opposition. Thank you Danica!
Love the theme and the communication of constant feel. "Breathing is movement"! Excellent cueing!!
Cass C
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So much fun thank you! I was really sore in the legs before the class and they feel fabulous now. Loved it x
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Super class. With lots of warmth and humour. Thanks Danica
Rhiannon W
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Very enjoyable! Loved the consistency of shoulder mobility throughout and the play around with flex / point of the foot. Thank you :)
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