A Flow For Everyone<br>Saul Choza<br>Class 4384

A Flow For Everyone
Saul Choza
Class 4384

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Inspiring work! Thank you 
Andrew B thank you! I hope you like Back to Beginning! 
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Good explanations 👍🇩🇰
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Enjoyed this whole sequence, especially the three breathing exercises at the end!
Dorthe V thank you! I glad to hear it was clear.
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Hilary F the breathing is JP archival. 
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Great instruction. It's great to get back to the basics. Thanks Saul :))
Anne P. Right? Basic is everything. 
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I enjoyed this class and the tip for turning out shoulders was very helpful to me.  I could feel how much more support I had when I did that.   

Wondering if you have any tips for improving ability to get off floor on  one knee.  I had a calf tear a few years ago and still can’t push off of that leg in order to stand from kneeling without help from my hands.   Wondering if you have any exercise suggestions to improve that.

Thank you, I will be repeating these classes.
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Lori I'm glad you liked this workout. Try the class "Back to Begginings." You will find some exercises that will help stretch and strenthen the calf muscles. Let me know how it goes!
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