Shoulder Girdle Carriage<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 4442

Shoulder Girdle Carriage
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 4442

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Michele P
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I'm always looking for a mentor, to help take my personal practice, teaching skills, and understanding of the body to another level. Your cues are wonderful, creating a whole new experience and connection to my body as well as to these movements. I am so inspired, excited, and I am looking forward to more classes with you Rachel. I'm so very grateful.
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What an excellent class! It really taught me to be aware of my shoulder blades and upper back/abdomen. I especially liked the kneeling, hands behind head, twist -- that took my saw to a whole other level! Thank you Rachel!
That little experiment informs all rotation too such as twist on Short Box or Chair. Seated Twist.  Although it certainly is only one good way(-: 
Laura Maria
fantastic cueing! The kneeling prep for criss cross and swimming made the exercise after so much more precise...thanks!
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This whole series is amazing, but this class especially.   I can hardly believe how much I learned, and how helpful for difficulties I've personally had linking shoulders to pelvis.  Thank you so much, Rachel
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Thank you Rachel! I feel So invigorated, enlivened and balanced in body and mind  after this class. Loved every minute. Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom and skill with us. Maggie x
Thank you my Pilates friends for your enthusiasm!! You’ve made my week!!!
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thank you Rachel and Serena for this excellent class. ❤️
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WOW I really needed this class. My shoulders blades and arms got very weak, sloppy and disconnected this past year. Thank you for your deep, detailed class. Very happy to have you teaching again on Pilates Anytime.
Rhiannon W
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Thank you both! I know one of my shoulders is weaker from a past injury so this was great to really hone in on where is working and visualising / feeling different things. This was a great class for me to truly feel my scapula placement. I shall be returning back to this one as I found it quite tough :D x
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