Expansive Chair Flow<br>James D'Silva<br>Class 4456

Expansive Chair Flow
James D'Silva
Class 4456

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This class was totally inspiring!  I've taught pilates for 25 years, passionate student of Iyengar yoga, meditation, and have dabbled in gyrotonics.  I am currently on break from everything while I  prepare and get through 2 months of cancer treatment.  This class is a godsend!!  

Two things.  1) A video from a side view (as well)would be very helpful. 2) I'm curious about the development of this class for your mother.  As I get further in my treatment I know I won't be able to keep up with this class, but a shortened or level1/2 class would be amazing, please!

I'm thanking the universe for you, James Garuda!

Brilliant, thank you! 🙏
Wendy R
I loved it! It was like a dance on a chair,worked every part of the body ,it was a little fast on the stretching, loved the ending with the hand movements and breath. Thanks for sharing xxx
Thanks, what a great lesson I enjoyed so much,Challenging and flowing lesson.
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You are one of the most innovative movers! Thank  you so much for your generous teaching. Your work has kept me inspired and healthy!
Fabulous! Thank you so much, James
It was amazing: I came to my PC, thinking about taking a Pilates class, or perhaps this time, a  yoga class with good strechting..... then, I found in my @ the offer of this fantastic workout! Thank you James, I am following you, please keep doing more and more. 
James's classes are tactile with permissive force distribution from touch points as well.  Those who like to train pressing against other limbs will appreciate the opportunities to use all those connections for fuller movement of pelvis, hips, and spine.  The chair gives you additional support leaves you free to lean, stretch, and press without falling over.
I absolutely love this concept all on the chair!! so artistic and very "moving" excuse the pun. Thank you for your artistry and passion.
This is wonderful. Thank you! 
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