Beginner Series #9
Niedra Gabriel
Class 450

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Love the magic circle workout Niedra!
Thank you for "bringing it!" Wow! I feel stronger and stretched at the same time. Fabulous instruction from Niedra, as always!
Glad you enjoyed the workout Rena. Thank you.
Niedra thank yo so much for this lovely series. I workout with this beginner series and my progress is amazing. When I finished it, I continued with intermediate series. I really admire you. Thanks :)
My goodness Ipek, I am so impressed with you - I see on your bio that you have no prior experience with Pilates yet now do daily workout - you are a super woman!
Thank you for your commentary - I am so happy for you that you are learning and improving.
Excellent class!! Halfway through it I felt that I had done more work with my shoulders with the magic circle than doing weight lifting. I love to use the magic circle. Gives me more stability. Beautiful job on this class Niedra!
So glad you enjoyed the challenge and the workout Sonia, thank you for your post.
Thanks Niedra, really useful ideas especially for prone work to help with getting the right connections. Your group has really improved , great to see a normal class ! My groups call it the torture ring !
Thank you Jill - I loved filming this first series as everyone was a " real beginner type person" and they really had only 9 classes so the progress was real. As a teacher yourself I know you know the satisfaction of seeing your students progress... Thank you !
Loved this class! Felt like a newborn at the end of this workout. And I didn't think the magic circle was so challenging. oh and since lesson 7 I can do the teaser :)
Love that you can now do the teaser - congratulations Marta
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