Glute Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 4541

Glute Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4541

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I so love this work and appreciate all of the videos you have filmed for us on this matter.  It has made a HUGE difference in how I feel day to day living with rheumatoid arthritis.   I’ve even been able to persuade my husband and he has also been doing this work for a few years now.  Now when his back is bothering him, this is the first type of work he does and it has also made a big difference for him in his mobility.  Thank you for more classes on this very important work!
Niedra Gabriel
Lori , I am so happy to read this comment. I believe in this work myself and having others share the miracles of working on their fascia is so gratifying to know . I can only imagine how painful this type of arthritis can be and having these techniques to apply yourself is fabulous. Enjoy enjoy,
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always love your ball-stretch exercises Niedra.  Glad to now have this one to add to your hip-release mix from a while back!
Niedra Gabriel
Monica W  thanks for ur post. You will be happy to know there are more to come. 
Gayle S
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So fantastic! 
Thank you Niedra
Katja D
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Thank you Niedra. I just came home from a hiking day where at the end I felt some trouble in the hip - after doing the stretch with the ball I feel so much better.
Niedra Gabriel
Katja D and Gayle S thank you both for your post. So glad you enjoyed this work.
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This class was awesome.   Tight glutes = low back pain for me so releasing this area is key.   I hope you there is a class upcoming in this series for tight lats, tight pecs and shoulder issues.   
Niedra Gabriel
Debbie A glad you enjoyed this class. we plan to video more routines over time, so yes, there are routines for your other "body parts" that I hope will be recorded by Pilates Anytime. 
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So yummy … thank you!  This glut release has improved my Taiji.
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