Glute Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 4541

Glute Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4541

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Renee S
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What an amazing feeling. This deep work is a game changer for me, having suffered very tight hips and an  increasingly imbalanced pelvis as a result of accidental trauma as well as rheumatic conditions. The mobilization gained frees me up to advance in my pilates repertoire, take longer hikes, etc. Thank you, Niedra!
Nancy B
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Thank you Niedra!  I have such tight hips and sciatic issues on both sides.  Although painful, I felt so much better after doing these exercises!
Niedra Gabriel
Renee S and Nancy B I am so pleased to be reading your comments. This type of work can help with conditions you are sharing  and i get joy knowing you are both experiencing the magic. Please repeat the same routines a few times - repeat daily for a few days, and you will find the shifts will go deeper. The more you open up the body you give it a chance to shift the programming.  excited for you both.
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Wow!  I've rolled on my glutes but have been missing so many areas.  This video was so very helpful.  Thank you so much!
Niedra Gabriel
Diana A wonderful!
Fabulous release and embodied anatomy lesson on the glutes!! Thanks, Niedra :)
Niedra Gabriel
Rachel L Love your comment - learning anatomy experiencially is really the best, right?
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This is absolutely brilliant! I’m a triathlete, and as a consequence suffer from extreme muscle tightness and piriformis syndrome that gets so painful i’ve thought about retiring from the sport. However, this class has helped me enormously and I can happily continue competing! Thank you x
Krystyna P
very nice! thanks)
Niedra Gabriel
Julie S and Krystyna P  thank you for your comments.   Julie, yes, this work can keep the stress of a sport ( any sport) from accumulating and support your longevity.  I know some athletes who consider their practices of MFR to be the secret to their longevity and success in their field.  Applies to all of us " living is a form of sport" ( joking, but not really...) 
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