IT Band Release<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 4543

IT Band Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4543

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Gayle S
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Truly beneficial....will keep this at the top of my playlist❤️
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Have been waking with pain in TFL are on both sides and sleeping poorly - I think I have discovered a wonderful way forward.  Thanks and on my favourites playlist! 
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Just want to say thanks for all the muscle release and fascia videos. I have an autoimmune connective tissue disease that causes the muscle and fascia to get “crunchy,” sometimes paralyzing the joints in the area. These videos help keep me limber longer and are a lifesaver.
Niedra Gabriel
Laura  so happy to be reading this. I am happy for you that you are being proactive in doing whatever you can to support your body in being healthy.   I'm glad to know the fascia release work is so helpful.
Tina M
I am just now exploring myofascial release and your videos are priceless.  I am suffering with hip bursitis and feel this may be just the thing to help my body heal.  One odd thing, while working my affected hip this morning, I could definitely feel the release, however, I had a wave of extreme nausea.  I am never naseous so this was very unusual.  It took some time to pass.  I wonder if we hold toxins or bad stuff in our tight muscles and fascia and when released can cause nausea.  Is this something you've heard before from your clients?  Thanks so much for this series.  I am feeling better and actually have hope for recovery.  
Niedra Gabriel
Tina M Great question, yes. yes yes, our bodies are a map of our emotions and trauma and toxins. So a lot of somatic and physical symptoms can flush through.  This  can happen... Good for you. Please do share how this affects you over time, with the bursitis and the healing you have as a vision.  We need to release all of these layers to fully heal...  
Thank YOU, Niedra.  I realized that my TFL needed some TLC.  Oh my, it feels so much better.  Now I just need to do this video regularly.
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