Root and Recover<br>Jason Williams<br>Class 4551

Root and Recover
Jason Williams
Class 4551

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Great class, thank you so much!
Jason Williams
TripleM You're welcome!  Thank you for taking class.  :)
Jason Williams
Sandy You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it! :)
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This is a great class! I needed this! Thank you..I look forward to more classes with you.
Jason Williams
Patty S You're welcome! Can't wait to have you for the next class. :)
Emma P
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Loved this class Jason - such a great way to start the day! I'm starting up with horse riding again this week after a long hiatus and I put this video in my queue to do the day after I ride. I appreciated the gentle yet effective hip opening and stretching, along with the mindfulness aspect. Looking forward to taking more classes in your series! 
Jason Williams
Emma P glad it was helpful.  Perfect after a horse ride.  Glad you liked the meditation part. :)
Luisa C
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nice and easy for first thing in the morning, or late at night
Cynthia G
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What a beautiful surprise.  Thank you Jason.
Thank you PA for being sensitive to the times we are living in.
Jason Williams
Luisa C Thank you for taking class.  Yes, great for morning or evening. :)
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