Uncle Joe's Mat Flow<br>Chris Robinson<br>Class 4582

Uncle Joe's Mat Flow
Chris Robinson
Class 4582

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I loved this. And finally got boomerang thanks to your cues. Thank you! 
Amy B
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This was fabulous Chris, loved your energy and back to old school flow.
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Yes, yes, yes! The energy, the strength, the flow - and all in 25 minutes. Thank you, Chris.
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Thanks Chris! I didn't have a lot of time this morning and this packed a lot of controlled work into a quick class. Sweating!
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Challenging! Basics! Love it!! Thank you!
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Thanks Chris, great workout and loved the rocking too which normally I hate 
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Sooo fun, thank you so much! Challenging and refreshing.
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Thank you Chris--used this as a nice quick  morning wakeup.  (And love that PA outside deck as a backdrop.)
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Quick NIce Strong WO - No Over-cueing Just Purrfect!!! Thanks 🙏
Lina S
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This practice convinces me to buy Return to Life, the second book written by Joseph Pilates.
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