Strengthening Reformer Class<br>Chris Robinson<br>Class 4585

Strengthening Reformer Class
Chris Robinson
Class 4585

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Elizabeth S
I like the athletic nature of this class.  Pace is quick but once I do the routine a few times, it'll be more manageable. 
Great class.  Thanks Chris.  Love the pace and flow.
Michele M
I has fun and loved the pace!  Thank you for sharing all the good intermediate exercises that we sometimes miss in our practice!  Best legs, hips, core, glutes-ever!! 
Mary L
Sorry Chris, way too fast for me :(
Jarrod F
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Way too fast for me as well. It needed to flow a bit more as well. Felt like I was in a rush and none of the muscle groups were activating.
I really liked the pace. Kept me moving and using everything all the way through! Thanks very much.
Great workout, enjoyed the pace. Look forward to seeing more of your workouts.
Jennifer W
Thank you for bring Chris! Perfect pace and always clear instruction!
You remind me of my first Pilates teacher who also studied under Romana.  Love the pace and the very articulate cueing as well as all the Classical moves.  Thank you!
I was fooled by the “moderate” pace tag….this was definitely accelerated. Definitely got a full body workout in in a short amount of time but if I wasn’t already knowledgeable of the exercises and their corresponding spring tensions on my machine, it would have been impossible to keep up. That being said, nice cues, and good workout.
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