Strengthening Reformer Class<br>Chris Robinson<br>Class 4585

Strengthening Reformer Class
Chris Robinson
Class 4585

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Elena S
Chris thank you!
Nelly C
That was good! It was fast pace, loved it. Thank you
Alexa C
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Too fast…..
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I appreciate the pace of this workout.   You can get a full workout in in a short period of time and makes it more aerobic.   I don’t always have an hour to spend on the reformer.  Thanks for this series!
Robin S
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What a great find this morning! You being one of my most favorite clients of all time ( my office was in La Jolla) I've been wondering what you've been up too! And here you are! LOVE IT!! 
I recently and back from a long illness and this was the first class I jumped into ~ I could do it at 85%  proving that you don't lose what you create with pilates. Hope all things are wonderful in your world and I'll be doing all your class here!~ Hope the rest of you really understand how masterful this man is!!! THANK YOU 
Greta Martin
Chris, you are going above and beyond.  You are helping me to simplify my cuing to keep the class going, verbiage for my male clientele and progressions in my own practice.  Thank YOU, you are talented!  
Thank you! Loved the exercises and Quinn on tree and splits were great (I learned something new). Pace was a little too fast - but good quick workout :)
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I had to keep stopping so I could set up for the next move.   To fast.  Did enjoy it though.
Marney M
Great class. I loved the pace. Thank you.
Lucy N
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Too fast. 
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