Pilates at the Wall<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 4600

Pilates at the Wall
Jillian Hessel
Class 4600

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Some great moves here Jillian! I have a client that I do FaceTime work outs with  when she travels to her second home. She’s going to love this! Thank you! You look wonderful by the way! Keep staying healthy! 
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Thank you Jillian- you are amazing and inspirational - that is all ❤️
Many thanks for watching, and for the compliments!
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Fitness ball favorite.  I like when teachers allow us a little time for adjustment on this prop that is ever so good at working additional space.  Some lovely work reaching, inching, climbing up the wall with the hands, feet, and ball.  This is an excellent class for reclaiming some space between the pelvis and the ribs.
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Jillian! Thank you!  So creative! You are my new PA friend!
I am so grateful that you share a little bit about your body - (scoliosis).
Love the ball at the wall - at  my current fitness level I felt challenged- Especially with the hip walk! 

I really enjoyed and loved this class. New tools for my classes. Thank you!

Cheryl Z
The more I do your wall workouts the taller I feel like swimming and reaching streamline. Really felt new muscles in calves at the end with spinal roll downs. You are my fitspiration graceful and embodied as ever Thank you.
I’m always looking for more Physioball exercises. Thanks for your inventive, brilliant ideas.
after 1 week sitting for teaching online and studying I really need this session. thank you Jillian Hessel :*
The extension work and work into the mid back was super difficult surprisingly - which of these moves would you do with to an elderly person… I was searching for ideas with a wall workout and this was awesome but a lot of the choreography is definitely hard even for me a teacher ! Nice! 
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