Reformer with a Twist
Amy Havens
Class 4632

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Thank you very much for all the yummy experiences!!!
Thank you Amy for a beautiful workout. Your voice, your cueing, your originality is exacty what I needed. 
The audio keeps cutting out on this video.
I observed this video, but would love to take the class with you Amy!  I enjoyed watching!  Faye
Michelle H ~ I'm sorry that you are having issues with the audio on this video. I recommend trying our Video Troubleshooter in the FAQs to see if this fixes the issue. If you still have trouble with this video, please email us at for more options.
Great session Amy , love your mix of all the influences you've worked with and the blends you add, just what I needed this morning, Thanks 

Thank you Amy. I loved this class - I hike a lot and it felt like you had organised the session just for me! Definitely one of my favourites and one I'll come back to x
Thank you Amy! I loved this class for my tight hips, so yummy and I am recovering from bursars on both hips. xoxo
Loved this class with you Amy - definitely got my day off to a much brighter start and given me plenty of inspiration too - thank you!
Happy to find this new class with Amy! I will have to revisit this multiple times. The first hip stretch was quite difficult for me. Thank you.
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