Align on the Mat
Courtney Miller
Class 4636

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With Gary M's assurance that it was easier than the first two in the series :) I took the class.  I still worked hard. Thank you.
Great class, thank you
Another great class! Thank you 🙏Courtney Miller 
Wonderful start into the day! I like your energy, your cuing and the flow of the class. Thanks so much! Greetings from Germany!
Loved the flow, love the cueing!! Will definitely use some of those cues when I teach both reformer and mat!! ;)
really enjoyed the transition from side kick kneeling to side bend 
great class!!!!!! love that because of flow, and interesting exercises with the ball
Absolutely love every single one of Courtney's classes. Thank you for this series :)
Awesome flow..exactly what I need.
This was a great work out thank you 🙏🏻 
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