Align on the Mat
Courtney Miller
Class 4636

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Enjoyed this one and got a great workout - thanks Courtney!
Love the way you teach. Great class
I really liked this class, thanks Courtney! I really appreciate your cueing and positive, encouraging energy that makes me feel like I'm working well with my body.
Loved this! Great variations and loved the use of the overball. Thank you x
I trained with Stott the side bend and twist took me back thank you for a wonderful class
Loved it!
Love your classes! I literally can’t get enough!!! You are a phenomenal instructor ❤️
This was great, Courtney, thank you! So simple yet effective and challenging. The Pilates Mat workout is the hardest workout you'll ever do. Love it.
Thank you for a lovely class Courtney, good flow and great cues.
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