Upper Body Cadillac
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4658

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Excellent ! Excellente! Amazing Work.
Thank you very much for so much education.
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What a fun exploration.  Felt Amazing!
LaRae B and Yamirys L Glad you enjoyed this work
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Love your work, Niedra.  A much needed exploration of the connective tissue and I always feel juicy after!  Thank you! 
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Lovely! Enjoyed the ideas. 
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Another superb class from you Niedra, thank you!❤️
Jill C ,PaulinaMaria D thank you all for your comment. I am always happy to read that you found the video'd class helpful and enjoyable.
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love your class Niedra. Very helpful for working the upper body. Thanks
Amazing work Niedra! Thank you ❤️
I love your level of detail in explanation ! Superb ! Thank you - Emily 
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