Johnny's Assessment<br>Madeline Black<br>Tutorial 4705

Johnny's Assessment
Madeline Black
Tutorial 4705

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Loved seeing this work done on a body other than a "Pilates body".  I feel like these are the types of people we can see in our studios so really appreciate having Madeline work with him.  And they were just the cutest working together!  Nice job!  Enjoying this series very much.  Thank you.
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So appreciate the assessments on the different bodies, all unique, thank you! I think that Johnny should get the award for the student with most personality. Made me smile:)
Amy S
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So, wow, one of the most informative videos ,in my experience , presented on  PA. Thank you, Madeline , for this smart movement series. It was amazing to see how quickly Johnny’s body responded and I hope he did feel different in his workout later.
I’d appreciate hearing from Madeline what her thought process was behind this programming for him ; there was a lot going on and I could easily feel overwhelmed. I think that’s what makes this special as a viewer to see how  Madeline’s mind works.  He clearly was, overall , much more organized.
Will we see a Johnny Part Deux?  😉

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brilliant videos. Johnny is so funny.
Cynthia G
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I cant believe the difference in just 20 min or so.  Even my untrained eye could see it.  Great job Johnny, those quiet movements made the louder ones more fluid.  Great tutor/master trainer.
Thanks PA.  Definitely seeing an older  less schooled Pilates body was so helpful to bring home the lessons.
I've watched this video at least 4 times, twice because I just love watching you both in action, and twice because I still gasp at how quickly and remarkably Johnny's body adapted based on the exercises and teaching you gave him! 
I happen to know Johnny (my love) lost in tennis that night. He said he was "too loose." What was amazing to me was he didn't mind because he felt so good! You're a great teacher Madeline!
Ok. Is Johnny the most fun client ever? Is the video-bombing blackbird even real?? There was a couple of steps from the bird that were in rhythm with the movements Madeline was asking Johnny to do. I recognise some, but not all, of these movements from Madeline’s online Intensives Course, but great to see how they land in a fresh body.
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A number of my clients that are hip pain sufferers found these exercises very beneficial. You hips feel GREAT afterwards. Thanks! 
Madeline Black
Hi Amy S, my thought my book Centered 2 edition and you will learn how I think! In this mini session, I observed him through the assessments. Watch the assessments again, I explain. Then I designed the movement to enhance where  he was limited in his movement. I helped him change his limitation to move and feel better.
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