Strong Spine/Core Stability<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4714

Strong Spine/Core Stability
Amy Havens
Class 4714

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Loved this Amy thank you. I've just written a blog about the language of the spine, so this class will help clients think further about this:) I always learn some new cueing from you thank you. Liked the single press into the leg, with long lever. Keep the great work coming! Sarah
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Thank you Amy. Love the way you teach and your specific cues. Always something to learn from you. Have a wonderful and an active day
Deb T
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Amy, thank you for the wonderful class. I love your cueing.  I especially loved the 12th rib.  It was so helpful.  Will there be more in this series?
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Perfect beautiful class, the cues are flawless
Sue S
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Amy Havens Thank you! Lovely class.
Ali G
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Great class! Thank you so much! The pace and cuing were perfect for my recovery from an injury.
Ruth B
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So important to really learn the basics before moving on. I will refer to these concepts again and again before moving on to other movements.

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Always excited to take one of your classes Amy and always get so much from them whatever the level - thank u x
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I really enjoy your teaching; thank you so much Amy
Rachel S
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Thank you,  just right as I am getting back into exercise after a period of illness.
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