Neck and Shoulders<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4715

Neck and Shoulders
Amy Havens
Class 4715

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Cynthia G
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Thank you Amy.  I love all your cues and reminders.  The time setting up awareness was so valuable and I could carry it all through the class which gave the exercises another dimension. As an oldie who thinks she is young these basics have been such a return to form and a reminder to my body.  Loved it
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Amazing!  Was going to watch first while I had my tea and couldn’t resist joining.  Through PA I mostly have gotten neck and shoulder stress under control, but this had some great new stretches and strengtheners for me.   I always get so much out of your classes Amy! You are a rockstar teacher and I always look forward to learning more from your new (and old) classes.  I’ve learned so much from you and you have helped me more than you will ever know. This is going into my rotation. Thanks!
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Thanks Amy for delicious work on the neck ! Dragging Christmas boxes out of the attic creates some tension ! Always a huge fan of town work ! So effective  and helpful ! 
Lina S
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I've learned new moves to strengthen the neck. Thank you.
Rina S
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Recently, I realized that I must do something about my chicken neck. I woke up this morning, opened Pilates Anytime with that thought in mind, and there you were. It was great, thanks.
Ruth B
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Such an important lesson. Parts should be included in most lessons to emphasize the importance of neck/shoulder release and strengthening.
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Thanks for generously sharing your knowledge and teaching so beautifully!
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Cynthia G Lori Emily B Lina S Rina S Ruth B Beverly L Thank you all so very much for your kind responses.  I appreciate you taking the time to comment and see that you also value neck and shoulder focus too.
Victoria B
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Thank you so much!
I know this is the area I need to work on but it was amazing to see how challenging some exercises was for me:(
Now it will be my daily routine.
Oh WOW! Who knew I needed this session. I simply started to watch this class for client knowledge then quickly sat down and flowed along. Such a gift. Thank, thank, thank. And, I will be sure to share these stretches and exercises with my clients.
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