Creative Foundation Flow<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 4756

Creative Foundation Flow
Brett Howard
Class 4756

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Thanks Brett.  I too never thought to try stomach massage  with  the  box.  Like it.  
Really love your mat classes and looking forward to this reformer series. Thanks Brett!
Yingchao W
Great session, Brett!
Just wondering when should we offer the knees off modification for the clients? What's the different of holding the frame versus holding the footbar? Thanks :) 
Hello Brett. This was my first class with you. I loved every moment.  Your instructions were fantastic. I especially liked your version of tree, and the last wide legged supine stretch. Fabulous! Thank you. 
Grace Park
Love the box for stomach massage
Elizabeth S
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I feel strong and limber. And I want some cold champagne . 
Amy P
Great cuing and demonstrating- thank you!
Andrea Constantine
I loved this class. Brett’s cuing is excellent and I like the way he keeps the exercises flowing without gaps in between. It feels like a better workout when you are not waiting for the instructor to explain the moves. I think, although basic, this is pretty challenging for a level one class. I can see myself doing this workout over and over! I will definitely look for more of Brett’s classes. Thank you!
This is my first Reformer class after a long (loooong) break. Brett's cueing was perfect, and the flow was the perfect pace. The class focused on form and was just challenging enough to keep me motivated, but not too challenging out the gate to lead to frustration. I really enjoyed this class.
Great class!!!! as always. Thank you Brett
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