Traditional Mat Flow<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 479

Traditional Mat Flow
Alisa Wyatt
Class 479

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Good but a bit too fast in the end to keep up. Also got an inredible amount of foot cramps with these exercises.
Susan B
A beautiful classic mat workout with excellent cueing. I'm glad that I found this one to add to My Favorites !!
Great fast, challenging thanks. Love the cueing!
That really was great! So strong! You people are amazing!!!
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Energetic , then not precise enough as most exercises are too fast...
Thanks Alyssa. Clear instruction in a calming toe.
This is one of my favorite morning workouts ever. I try to do it once a week and I'm always glad I did. My back always feels amazing afterwards and I'm always surprised how much of a workout I get in just 30min. Thank you Alisa!
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