Traditional Mat Flow<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 479

Traditional Mat Flow
Alisa Wyatt
Class 479

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Great daily mat workout. In particular liked the push-up modification on the knees with the leg lifted. Great way to introduce a single leg push-up. Thanks!
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Yeah! Another mat class from you for those of us without special apparatus. Got any fun things for us to do with overball or the ring? I got the best stretch ever today with your cue to "reach the arm/elbow back" with hands behind the head during the cross stretch. Amazing what a timely reminder can accomplish! Thanks
Great!!! Loved the cueing and imagery. Thanks for giving Kathy Grant's rubberband. Any Tower classes possible with Alisa? BTW, killer legs. So jealous!
Great workout - very invigorating. Just the right amount of instruction.
Great class! I was ready to walk out the door to teach my group class with vim and vigour!
Sarah N
Great class! Loved the imagery. Perfect way to start a morning!
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This class made me feel human again after a long, hard day. Perfect pacing.
Thank you, Alisa! This has become my favorite mat workout after a long run!
Fab imagery Alisa - loved it. Feel refreshed and strong now
Purely classic! Great workout!
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