Progressing on the Reformer<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 4825

Progressing on the Reformer
Karen Sanzo
Class 4825

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I enjoyed this class a lot. Thanks very much.
Janie J
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great class.  good info.  
Sure do miss your studio live and in-person! But this is definitely the next best thing. More Karen Sanzo, please!!
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Lots,of good goodies! 💋
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Really enjoying this series! Am definitely going to try this version of side plank.  Thanks!
Christine S
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Love this class Karen, great ideas for progressing and layering. Thank you :)
Amazing work and progressions. My classes will  love this! Thank you. 
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I love when clients wear stripes! I think I can "read" the seams! 
Ollie S
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Always enjoy your class- very clear instructions! Thank you
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Lovely class Karen! Love your encouraging and tempting cues, along with interesting progressions and variations! Adding spice along with strength and length! Look forward to more of your classes!
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