Hip Mobility Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4857

Hip Mobility Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4857

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Heather B
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Challenging fun class Courtney!! More please 😅
Lovely. I had to do a lot of the unilateral strap work on a yellow. These new workouts are keeping me motivated. Thank you!
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Is there any way to turn the music off while keeping audio? Thank you!
Lori M ~ Unfortunately, we don't have a way to turn the music off for this class. We hope that you still enjoy it though!
That was VERY challenging! Thank you!
Shawn C
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So great to see Mary Kate kicking it with C.M.! We know Mary Kate from her rock hard classes in the Bay Area. This workout is right up there! Thanks-
Carolyn D
Another awesome AND challenging class Courtney!  I can feel the energy you get from your team of instructors and the LOVE you have for them - you are truly inspiring!! 
exercising with a reformer-- often not even using it. Only  12 moves so  choreograph wins.
Loved this...so many great pieces to incorporate elsewhere...even in my barre sessions!   Thankyou
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I love these circuit workouts  so much. And I actually love how both instructors were prepared for class and in such a positive mood that even gets to us while working out with them. Lastly thank you PA for providing us with so many class varieties ♥️🤗
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