Balance Challenge Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4858

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Loved it. Especially the box lunges. Courtney sadly forgot to do side bends on the other side so you have to pause the video and do them if you want to be even.
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My favourite class I have ever done on here !!!!!
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Fabulous & Sweaty! (I added the 2nd side short box at the end!)
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Molly B ~ Thank you for letting us know! We'll re-edit this video so that no one has to pause to do the second side. I'm glad that you enjoyed this class!
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GREAT class! I was working pretty hard and didn't notice any missed sides lol. Thanks, Courtney! I love your classes for pushing myself to try tougher exercises that intimidate me. :)
Nice class I probably need to be doing more like this cardio element 👍 in a way I feel like you “feel” workouts like this a little more the day after rather than classic pilates - how do you program a class? What elements do you try to hit in every class? Thanks! Loved it 
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phenomenal class and so grateful for the class notes.  These will make it into my group classes soon.
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WOW1  Great class!!  Thanks so much.  And thanks for the notes as well )
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Woweee That was so much fun and a great challenge!  Thank you Courtney for bringing balance and awareness into this class!  I love all of your classes and look forward to the next one always!! 
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Loving this new series - I think this one is my favorite of the 3!! Thanks Courtney. 
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