Balance Challenge Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4858

Balance Challenge Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4858

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Awesome workout…love all your workouts❤️
What a fun time filming this! I can't wait to kick my own butt on replay over and over again.  Thanks Courtney for letting me join in on the fun! You are the best boss and friend ever. 

Meaghan< /div>
sorry to say that, But you shouldn't  start with a single leg exercise as a first thing to warm up. its much better to use both legs, lets say with squats. for a reason Joe Pilates started with the foot work, specially when most people have imbalance between sides of their body. Load wise and physiology wise not recommended. 
Great as ever Courtney.  Thanks.  
Loved all the balance challenges within the work.   FAB! as always.   Did we ever use the band?   Maybe I missed it.   Love this community!  Thanks Courtney.  
Helen S
Loved the box work especially!!  Awesome as always!!
Thank you so much.  I really value your creativity and energy.  Great workout!
Courtney Miller always has the best workouts! I could not do all the hip dips and had to use a high yellow at the end. I am always so happy when I try a new class from Courtney.  
Loved this!  Especially loved that there were no spring changes and it was perfect.  Thank you!
OMG! This kicked my booty…literally! Heart rate up and feeling strong. Thank you for this creative workout! 
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