Upper Body Release<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 4859

Upper Body Release
Cara Reeser
Class 4859

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Jennifer E
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Loved this class and the use of the props! Thank you so much, Cara!!
Thank you! Great for postnatal!
Dianna V
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Great class it was amazing Thank YOU 
Was definitely helpful to  my right shoulder which seems to have “moved in” next to my right ear.  Thank you.
Lina S
Nice to see you back! Nice variety of exercises. Thank you!
Cynthia G
really looking forward to the next class.  Thanks.  Seems simple but each move builds on the previous and helped me to stop falling into some old habits like jamming my chin down.  Loved the focus on the scapulae.
Nice  restorative ending after 6 hours of yard work!  Thanks
Welcome back Cara!  Always excited when you resurface on PA!!  I feel I've come so far in my body since I worked with you years ago and when I do this work I'm actually feeling something rather than "doing".  I have you to thank for opening up this way of moving and connecting in my body....Gratitude to you always! 
Julie Lloyd
Fantastic class. I learnt a lot today. Thank you Cara.
Thank you for this! 
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