Upper Body Release<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 4859

Upper Body Release
Cara Reeser
Class 4859

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Cara, this was excellent.  I work primarily with those living with chronic illness and fatigue, and this has helped me think further on how to target the shoulders. You're tremendous!
Thank you, feels good
This was wonderful! Can't wait for the next classes in the series.
Mary Michael P
As always, this class was a real gem.  Thank you, Cara.  See you Tuesday!
Rebecca P
thank you!  My neck needed that and can't wait for the next class! 
Great class ;thank you
Thank you! I love the image of listening with the ears to turn the head, for some reason it made me emotional. Must have needed to release something.
Danielle A. Hendricks
Thanks Cara! As always, great to hear your voice and listen to your beautiful instruction. Thank Sammy for his help as well Some of my clients are feeling great relief from this class!
Leaves you feeling soooo good !
Amy S
Liked the emphasis on UE, with theraband and towel!
a great addition
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