Upper Body Release<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 4859

Upper Body Release
Cara Reeser
Class 4859

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Such a great choice of exercises in this first session to promote neck awareness. . My neck felt so good after the rhomboid/ shoulder blade relaxation work and then the section using the towel was lovely. Lots of ideas as usual to add in for my clients. Thank you Cara. 
Santi T
Great for gentle strenghtening, love your class.
Natalie H
Very very informative! Thank you for sharing your knowledge - looking forward to sharing with my clients.
That felt so good. Thank you Cara :)
Claudia K
I loved this class. Thanx
Louise H
I’ve been struggling with upper back pain and this was just right for me today,looking forward to trying again tomorrow 
Loved this right before bed! I work at a desk and am a notorious side sleeper, so my neck and back needed this release. Thanks Cara!
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