Connect to your Powerhouse<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 486

Connect to your Powerhouse
Alisa Wyatt
Class 486

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Beautiful session. A delight to watch and do. Excellent use of voice and cues. Focussed throughout.
I love how Alisa's voice is clear and articulate, like she's telling a story. Great transitions and flow - it felt like the hour just flew by!
Really liked this workout. Sometimes I feel the classical work moves so fast but this was a nice pace. And that step off over the shoulder thing was amazing to watch!
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Another Fabulous workout Alisa! As a classically trained instructor it's so fantastic hear the beautiful cues and feel the flow and transitions of the workout. I will return to this class frequently! You are becoming one of my favorite instructors on this amazing site!
Wow, I've got alot ot learn... great workout. There is no doubt that I will have to watch/perfom this workout multiple times before I will feel like I am as affective as I should be.
Great workout! I second all of the comments. Alisa guides you deep in to the classical exercise, I was sweating by minute 5!
Great cues!
What an amazing classical workout! Loved every bit of it..
Thank you Alisa and thank you PA!
Fantastic classical workout!
This is great!! One of the best reformer classes on here.
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