Connect to your Powerhouse<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 486

Connect to your Powerhouse
Alisa Wyatt
Class 486

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Beautiful work, Alisa. A joy to behold
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It's so fabulous to watch an instructor that not only has great teaching cues but also has the work in her body, thanks! I would love to see you teach this reformer to someone else, so we could watch your positioning for teaching assistance and the work at pace.
I really loved her use of imagery! The prep version for several exercises were really nice and flowed very well through the whole sequence.
Kathy P
Nice work! This does not look like a Balanced body reformer and I'm wondering if the spring tension differs much?
I loved how you just got down to it and flowed through the workout. Great cueing and class. Thank you!
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! To answer Kathy's question, I'm on a Gratz reformer so there's 4 springs and they are all the same tension. Maybe a medium spring on a BB?
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loved watching this class, can't wait to practice it! would love to see Alisa teach an advanced cadillac and chair workout- or more reformer too :)
Katherine De la Rosa
awesome, keeps me feeling like I have a fresh approach after watching the video, looking forward to more.
Very cool! more at this pace and intensity please!
How 'bout a magic circle workout level 2/3? I usually get bored easily with the classical stuff b/c of the same old exercises and sequences in each class but boy, this one caught me by complete surprise in a good way.
Great voice, imagery and cueing. I've only been on PA for a short while.... this is the first workout that really held my attention to watch the entire workout.
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