Present Moment Awareness<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4874

Present Moment Awareness
Regina Santos
Class 4874

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Erin T
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Fun instructor but this class is a 3-4 level not a 2! There are multiple moves that are too advanced for a beginner with not enough upper body strength. (Like myself). Pilates Anytime may want to re-appropriate the level of this class to a higher level.
Katie M
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Agree, great instructor but the class was more like a 3.  I look forward to more in this series.
Alyssa W
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Really enjoyed this class! Good pace. 
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Ohhh I loved that! Great pace and really good me feeling strong, lengthened out and most importantly living in the moment for each repertoire . Thank you!
Erin T and Katie M ~ Thank you for your feedback. It can be difficult to decide the level because it is so subjective. After reviewing this class again, we have decided to keep it at a level 2 as all of the exercises included are safe for an intermediate practitioner.
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As a fan of classical Pilates, and a bigger fan of Regina's, I loved this class.  My biggest takeaways are: maintain my relationship to the reformer.  And my awareness while working out, will impact my awareness in life.  Lastly, the two-way stretch in "double leg stretch" truly is everywhere on the reformer exercises. 
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Absolutely love this class.  I have been doing pilates for over 20 years and this is one of my favorites.  Great cueing!
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Enjoyed the two way stretch theme - thank you!  
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Hi Regina, I loved your cueing. One that was very helpful was on the long back stretch to keep the reformer still while flattening the body (on the first direction). Thanks so much! I really enjoyed how much you fit into a short amount of time.
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Thank you for this mindful movement session, Regina! The theme of the double-leg stretch was lovely - and I appreciated your cues and reminder of the two-way stretching throughout the exercises as they flowed nicely from one to the next. I enjoyed the pace, and this got my heart thumping. Feel incredible now! Much gratitude
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