Essential Flow<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4884

Essential Flow
Regina Santos
Class 4884

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Jane M
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Thank you for this workout! The transitions were a bit fast for me, but I keep my computer keyboard next to my reformer - the space bar pauses/restarts the playback, so I can give myself an extra few seconds. I hope that one day soon I won't need to hit the pause button, so please keep up the pace - it's something to aim for!
Regina Santos
Cat T Thanks or working out with me! I hope to hear from you again! 
Regina Santos
Eden N Hi! Thank you for working out with me - I hope you enjoy the rest of the series! 
Regina Santos
Jane M Hi! Thanks for working out with me!  I'm sure that when you keep practicing you will reach those goals and you will flow straight through - and then it gets even better from there! Happy New Year! 
I love your classes Regina! Thank you for the advanced pace and work -- such a joy to complete a class like yours. I feel strong, centered, and grateful. :)
Amy A
Love this workout. There are a few times when the instructor is talking philosophy and switches to a new exercise without cuing it. Because I am on the reformer doing the exercise, I cannot see the screen, and got behind and had to get off the reformer and rewind and get set up again. Next time I do this routine, I'll know what's coming next and not get so thrown off. Great routine.
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