Essential Flow<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4884

Essential Flow
Regina Santos
Class 4884

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Thanks for another great workout Regina! This was really cardio! I was sad when you skipped the tic toc but happy again when you added the mermaid :o)
Regina Santos
Jennifer A Thank you for working out with me throughout the series! Glad the mermaid brought you joy :)) 
Danielle A
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Loved the exercises however transitions from springs to other positions spoken a little too fast and there wasn't enough reps so that I could could catch up at home once I finally got the spring and correct positioning. Great workout otherwise. 
Becky C
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I got a great workout but honestly only because I knew what was coming next so cued myself.  Regina moves beautifully and it was nice to watch but as for the inexperienced person following at home..I think they would have been lost. 
Regina Santos
Danielle A thank you for working out with me and for your feedback! I hope you had a chance to try the previous classes from which this builds! 
Regina Santos
Becky C great and noted! thanks for the feedback and thanks for working out with me! Yes, this is a culmination of all of the lessons in this series and is meant to flow - I hope you have a chance to try the 4 classes that lead up to this one :) 
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Fantastic! 😍many thanks Regina, I get you! Can’t wait for more but this series is going into my favorites!
Regina Santos
Rosemary Aww Thank you for your nice note and for working out with me! I hope you continue to enjoy :) 
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Love working the Classical Order and the flow of it all, sometimes you just need to move and you gave me exactly that! Thank you!
Eden N
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I had the best time!! tnx!❤️
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