Total Body Rise<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4947

Total Body Rise
Kristi Cooper
Class 4947

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Karen P
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Wow! This was wonderful. I really appreciate the arch foot work. It felt amazing! Thank you! 
John B
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After a full afternoon of teaching, this is just what I needed. Thnks !
Alicia M
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Great! Thank you!
Annie R
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Great way to start the morning - including a foot massage - brilliant tip for the feet!
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Whoa, I wasn't ready for all of those abs but wow this felt great! Thank you! 
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Yahoo! Loved it, Kristi!
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I always love your classes!  Great cues and just all over I know I will love whatever you put together!  Thank you!
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This felt good .
Feels really great to know we all connected on this class. I hope to "see" you all in class again! Thank you! 
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Another really great  Basic Session, with lovely Cueing.
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