Total Body Rise<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4947

Total Body Rise
Kristi Cooper
Class 4947

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Wow.  Just like that I have a new favorite go to/feel good class!   It’s sneaky (will feel it) but lovely. 
Misty P
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Thanks Kristi! Another great class 😊
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Perfect session! Hope you can also make some 2/3 reformer sessions. 
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Thank you very much, Kristi!!!
Valerie  E
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My abs were on FIRE, in a good way
Robin P
Loved the rowing series which I had forgotten about plus the fluidity of this class.  Thanks Kristi!
Melody M
I love your cues.  Thank you for a great class.
Andrea G
I really enjoyed the class, the foot massage was great! Good way to start the day! Thank you! :)
Carla R
Nice class Kristi, thank you !
Thank you. What a great class!
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