Overball Class<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4948

Overball Class
Kristi Cooper
Class 4948

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Holly J
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What a great way to start the day! A new ball class with Kristi! Thanks, Kristi!
Lina S
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Nice workout at the end of the day. Nice variety of exercises!
Anne M
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I loved this class!! Thank you so much, Kristi.
Thank you all for joining me whether the beginning or end of your day!
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Krisi, you are a pilates legend, thank you
Angela T
love this class!! thank you so much!
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Great to have a new class with you Kristi.  Keeping it real like always! Which reminds me.  A great pandemic substitute for the small ball is ....wait for it....a roll of toilet paper.  It really works!
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Great class; thank you Kristi
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I always enjoy an overball class.  My favorite from this one was ball between upper arm and ribs for side bends kneeling.  Definitely helped make this move more of a lift on the opposite side.  Gave some reinforcement for not shifting the pelvis away from the flexion.  That's a keeper of an exercise!
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Awesome class, love this quick ball workout, feels great, thanks Kristi!
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