Overball Class<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4948

Overball Class
Kristi Cooper
Class 4948

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Great class! Tempo was great and duration makes it a perfect early morning pre work workout! 
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Wow!!! Great class Kristi. A super but achievable workout. Stiff upper back so loved this. Thank you. Will pick up the other classes too.
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Fantastic again, Kristi. Great variation
Gisela G
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Love it!!! Thank you Kristi!!
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I loved this class and feel great! I paired it with Gia's new foam roller class #4949- perfect together! Love all classes with the overball- best prop ever!
Marissa what a great idea! I agree with you on the overball too! 
Mandy D I appreciate your comment and still, genuinely don't know how to respond.  Thank you.   Thanks everyone for joining me in this class! 
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Brilliant cueing as always!!!  Thank you Kirsti.  You certainly are a favorite of mine to learn from! x

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Great class. It is so enjoyable to play with a ball 

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