Short Box Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4975

Short Box Flow
Maria Leone
Class 4975

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Elena S
Great class! Thank you 😘
Waoo I sweat a lot on this 30 min class. Loved it thank you!
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It was so great to not change springs and flow. I did not want this class to end. Thank you!
Loved this class. Challenging and functional all at once. As a yoga lover, I appreciate the use of different movements on the reformer. :)
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LOVED this! Great to see Elizabeth’s modifications. Thank you - more please!
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No idea how your voice never changes.  I’m dyin over here!   Happy happy though.     Another Maria class ‘favorited’.    Xo
Dawn P
great flow thanks
Lucie Bécus
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So fun to do the full workout after doing parts of it at the Align Summit 😊
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