Athletic Reformer Workout<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4976

Athletic Reformer Workout
Maria Leone
Class 4976

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Spot on for what I needed and what I get to work on ! Thank you Maria!
Wonderful, fun, and challenging class. Thanks so much, you are always a joy to take class from! 
Sharon O
Thank you! Such a fun strong class. Marked it as a favorite!
Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you💕
Pamela R
You are so imaginative with the movement you teach. Have been following during and since lockdown. Lovely to see you on this platform and how great to be doing your classes. ❤️
This was awesome! Love the burn!
Thanks Maria! Thanks Nicki!
Great class!
Challenging moves thank you
Spicy! Loved it, thanks so much!
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