High Intensity Reformer 1<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4977

High Intensity Reformer 1
Maria Leone
Class 4977

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Elena S
Great as always! Thank you Maria, looking forward to another class šŸ˜˜
Loved this c)ass. Hope to have moreĀ  high intensityĀ  reformerĀ  classes.
Nicole S
Brilliant as always - I don't see the second high intensity interval class that you mentioned?
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Nicole SĀ ~ The 2nd class will be on the site soon. We hope you enjoy it as well!
Loved it! I canā€™t find the second HIIT class?
Katherine P
Great Class, Maria!
That was lovely and just what I needed! šŸ’—
BethĀ ~ The second class will be on the site soon! We hope you enjoy it as well!
Briana B
Looking forward to the second HITT class!!
Michele M
WonderFul class! Ā Just what I needed today and loved the high intensity quick flow! Ā Thank you for sharing and look forward to more high intensity short classes soon:D
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