Leg, Arm, and Ab Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4984

Leg, Arm, and Ab Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4984

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Flavia D
Caroline B Yoga blocks under the feet, maybe? Would it work?
You should change the name of the classs to SWEAT. Thank you!
Wahh loved it...hated it...love it! Sweated! Thanks girls xx
Love, love, love! Each time a new circuit class comes out, I think “this one is my favorite “ but this one is definitely my favorite! (Possibly until the next one . . . ) it is HARD though :)
Super fun and fast paced! Loved it!
Michael Mary S
Wow!  This is really a challenging class.  Love all of your ideas.
As usual, awesome choreography and hits every body part!  Fitbit says I burned some calories!  Happy birthday to Sara!
Loved it. And I appreciate how you moved quickly between exercises….some of the earlier workouts had a lot of chatter which can become obnoxious for those of us who do these workouts over and over again.
Michele H
Loved the outfits in this video.  What is the brand?
Carmen H
So fun , so speedy, but familiar moves ! 
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