Leg, Arm, and Ab Circuit<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 4984

Leg, Arm, and Ab Circuit
Courtney Miller
Class 4984

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WOW! This class is fun, challenging, creative, and invigorating.  I had to modify some of the moves and could not quite do all the reps for some as well. This is now added to my favorites and I will have to work up to doing all the exercises as well as Courtney! 
Wow I loved it! I really enjoy doing your classes, thank you!
Unfortunately the resistance was too much for me in this class. 
Shona Croft
Well it’s super humid here in Spain and now I’m double glowing! Amazing workout Courtney THANKYOU! 
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Wow.  I’m dead now.  Hope you’re happy.   😂. I totally loved/hated this 
Helen S
Always love ALL you classes and this one was epic!!  Thank you so much!!
Caroline B
Stellar class as always! Suggestion for group class modification for people who can not straddle reformer if leg length won’t support ? I love the straddle squat, it just doesn’t work for everyone they have to go to the mat it’s not so smooth. Suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
Michele M
Super challenging balance work and so much fun!  Very creative and out of the box thinking!  Quickly jumped into my favs! Thank you Courtney and Sara!:D 
Carolyn D
Super challenging - definitely an advanced class BUT I will repeat it.  Thanks Courtney!! 
I like the pace pace and enthusiasm - I wonder what your strategy is for choreographing 
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