Awaken Your Pelvic Floor<br>Claire Sparrow<br>Class 5030

Awaken Your Pelvic Floor
Claire Sparrow
Class 5030

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Brilliant class! You create movements that help people understand how everything in the body is connected. Can't wait to try it with my class. Thank you!
Cynthia G
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A wonderful and thoughtful class.  Thanks
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Great class. Will def do it again(and again:)
Cynthia G
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Second time through. Love the rocking cat! Thanks
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Loved this, and will definitely get back to it! Thank you Claire :)) 
I wish I learned and practiced this information earlier in my journey as a dancer, I think that my movement would be so different by now and a lot of hip/psoas issues would not be as much of a large problem for my body. The cues ballet teachers I’ve had in the past were intended for me to engage my pelvic floor and inner thighs, but they had only made me engage the opposite muscles! No wonder ballet was so so hard and painful!
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Thank you so much for these classes. They really help me to relax my pelvic floor.
Eveline D
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Savannah Jade Dobbs Savannah Jade Dobbs 
Totally agree with you!
Eveline D
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I've been a Pro ballerina for 20 years and had 2 severe hip surgeries. Wish I had all this knowledge before so my life would have been a lot easier! Fantastic class and it is never too late to still learn so much
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Amazing…been trying EVERYTHING for over two decades to rehab a cheer injury where I was dropped on my pelvis. Have made so much progress through Pilates. But THIS class gave me what was missing. I’m feeling stable and aligned and so hopefull this knowledge will get me back to full health and pain free. I am so appreciative! Thank you for sharing. Will come back over and over!
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