Yo'lates Fusion<br>Cathleen Murakami<br>Class 504

Yo'lates Fusion
Cathleen Murakami
Class 504

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Ok..in few words?? closer to perfection. This is what I've been looking for as the perfect blend of Pilates and Yoga. Where can I find more classes with you? Can you stay in Pilatesanytime? Can I ask you more things about yo'lates?
Thank you
Oh isn't she wonderful Fabiana! Cathie was my second teacher. I spent two years working with her! We do have another one of these classes coming. It is a more basic version of this class. I'm glad to hear you'd like to see her back on PA.
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what an amazing teacher, and class. Thanks for this gem :)
Cathleen Murakami
Thank you all fo ryour kind words and support! I absolutely love teaching this format and am happy to connect with any of you who wish to email me or better yet, visit me in lovely Encinitas ( San Diego) where I am based! Blessings!!
Lisa Hubbard
Bravo Cathleen. I absolutely love your class. I tend to watch the them prior to participating, and I look forward to 'scheduling' my class with you this week!
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what a great class. yoga pilates go hand in hand. I loved it . Instruction was clear, great cues. I would like to see more classes. namaste. blanche.
Cathleen Murakami
This is so exciting!! I am thrilled you are enjoying the approach - something I've been blending since....the mid 90's! And as my body has changed so has the content - hope to be back and offer it again either ramping it up further or mellowing it down.....
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Wow, this looks amazing. Can't wait to try it. And what a good excuse to go visit beautiful San Diego!
Not my favourite, style of teaching way too slow and the combo is strange. Two different syllabus. Staying pure to the practise is ideal for both techniques. Sorry
Cathleen Murakami
Thank you for your feedback. I fully realize that this approach is not for everyone and potentially may offend someone who prefers a more purist approach - I actually feel that way about the fusion of GYROKINESIS & Pilates, although I may utilize some of the cueing in specific instances....as for going slow - one of my philosophies is to "go as slow as you CAN, NOT as fast as you CANNOT" - and while this was a led class and the participants have to follow my pacing, slowness requires endurance and a different type of control and that's what happened this time.
Perhaps in the future, I will ramp it up (speed wise) at least! Again, I appreciate your comments.
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