Yo'lates Fusion
Cathleen Murakami
Class 504

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Really like this--a nice change from traditional Pilates. Good to slow down a bit and bring in more mental work along with the physical. Thank you.
Thanks, Colleen - appreciate your appreciation!
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Hi Cathleen,
This was a fabulous workout. You are so detailed in your explanations which is fabulous. Next time I would love to see more of a flowing workout! Set me up, get me moving and keep me moving and than add all of your wonderful cues. I look forward to more Yo'lates!
Jamie~ I promise to flow along even more next time.....and get it smoothly connected for you! Many thanks!!
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This was a great class, slow pace but super challenging because each pose is SO controlled. Thank you! Any suggestions for sore wrists? A lot of this class was done using wrists, I employed all of the variations-fist, fingertips, rolled up towel/mat. None of them really helped. What am I doing wrong?
Julianne~ I have a TON of suggestions for wrist issues that will over fill this comment box. Please contact me directly, cathleen@synergypilates.com & I will share with you. Probably easier if I just give you a call.....really, please let me assist with some suggestions! It's a very common issue.....
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Loved this class! I especially loved the lady in pink who made lots of mistakes! She kept me laughing in all the hard parts and reminded me of myself... Can't wait for the next one and could I request more emphasis on breathing as that to me really distinguishes yoga from Pilates so I would be interested to see your take on it.
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Thanks! This was a terrific workout and a great way to get my day started.
@Victoria-thank you! I can't wait to offer this again. ISn't it great to know that we are all human?! @ Stephanie - my pleasure! Nothing like some energetic yet focused movement to get ya' going! Thanks!!
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Cathleen really helped me with my wrist issues. It amazes me how simple changes regarding my fingers and my elbows completely switch the activated muscles in my arms thereby relieving my wrists. Thank you so much, this is something that has plagued me for a while. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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