Power From Your Core
Jamie Isaac
Class 5053

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Michael Mary S Thank you for joining me to workout. I'm happy you enjoyed the cueing. I have some more videos on the way and hope you can join me for those too 🤙
Michael Mary S Thank you for joining me. I'm glad you enjoyed the cueing. When training athletes,  I aim to keep the choreography and cueing simple and intentional  and as sport relative as possible. I'm stoked you enjoyed it. 🤙
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I loved this class - thank you! I have been away from my reformer for 3 weeks and this was a great re-start!
Kecpotter Welcome back to your reformer😁 Thank you for joining me. I hope you can join me for the next reformer session, coming soon in this series.
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Great class! thank you for the wonderful queuing ♥️
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Anna C Thank you for working out with me. Glad you enjoyed the class. 🤙
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I loved this class and learned a lot through how you present the exercises! I experienced a few exercises in a whole new way. Thanks.
Amberly H Thank you for joining me to workout! I'm stoked to share this with you! 🤙🙏
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Awesome class! Wishing you did more reps to feel a burn but great overall body workout.
Candy Hi! Thanks for joining the class. For this class I kept the reps down to fit all that good movement in 😁 But, that being said, you would be more than welcome to follow along and add in additional reps to really fire things up! 
Give it a go and let me know how it works, I'd love to hear if that turned up the burn factor 🤙
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